World Series favorites?

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12/30/2011 by anjru0805

In a recent column by Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan, he makes 10 predictions about the 2012 MLB season. Interestingly enough, he predicts that the Cincinnati Reds will win it all.  Sheehan also thinks Barry Larkin will be inducted to the Hall of Fame. Here are the highlights with link below.

7. Attendance at Hall of Fame Weekend will languish as just one living Hall of Famer is inducted. Barry Larkin was a complete player, one of the most high-efficiency basestealers ever, an excellent defensive shortstop and even a gold-medal winner in the 1984 Olympics. He’s also likely to be the only player sent to Cooperstown by the writers next year, and despite his greatness, he’s not someone who will bring huge crowds to the small town. Ron Santo’s election by the Veterans Committee may help, but electing men who have passed away doesn’t bring big crowds, either. With Hall elections about to become dominated by PED discussions and the election process potentially gummed by a backlog of candidates, look for Hall directors to begin asserting themselves to ensure that their cash-cow weekend remains an attraction.

10. The Reds will win the World Series. The AL has, arguably, the five best teams in baseball. The NL has that kind of parity at the top, though at a lower level of performance. In a short series, though, that doesn’t really matter — and we’ll see that again in 2012, as the Reds, winners of a weak NL Central, ride the bats of Joey Votto and Jay Bruce into the World Series, where rookie catcher Devin Mesoraco and a deep bullpen dispatch Texas in six games. The Rangers, winners of 94 regular-season games and the AL West, become just the third team — and the first since 1913 — to lose three straight Fall Classics.

Here is the full story, courtesy of SI.

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