Player evaluation: Chris Heisey


01/24/2012 by anjru0805

Heisey is pretty good in the field, too. He committed 3 errors in 582 innings last season. Comparatively, Bruce had 4 in 1,371 innings, Stubbs had 3 in 1,329 innings and Ludwick had 2 in 1,111 innings.

Perhaps the most interesting position this offseason, let’s evaluate left field. Chris Heisey played in 120 games last season but that doesn’t really tell the whole story. He pinch hit a lot and only really became a somewhat regular fielder in late June when Johnny Gomes was traded to the Nationals. Heisey hit .254/.309/.487 in 279 at bats in 2011. While his average isn’t that impressive, a .487 slugging percentage is.

Dusty Baker seemed reluctant to start Heisey on any given day. For example, Heisey hit 3 homers against the Yankees and was on the bench the next day.

There are fans who think Heisey isn’t the solution at left field, fans who think he’ll be a big time hitter and there are fans, like myself, who think he deserves a chance to be a regular player.

I don’t think the addition of Ryan Ludwick means much in terms of Heisey being a regular starter. Ludwick’s BA was lower than Heisey’s last season and he’s five years older.

One thought on “Player evaluation: Chris Heisey

  1. Frank Roth says:

    Good photo selection for Heisey … in fact I like each of the photos selected in your player evaluations.
    A Fan

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