Update on Stubbs, Reds take on Verlander tonight

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06/09/2012 by anjru0805

Dusty told Tom Groeschen of the Cincinnati Enquirer today that they’re going to take it slow with getting Stubbs back after his mild oblique strain. Dusty said he’d be out at least a week in all. This is fine with me: Heisey is playing great in center and Ludwick’s swinging a good bat. If either of them need a day off, Frazier can play left and Valdez or Cairo can play third. Also, Stubbs obviously has speed, so you want him at nearly 100% before he plays and has to run full speed.

The Reds take on the Tigers again tonight and get their ace Justin Verlander. Verlander has struggled the past few outings which, knowing my luck with the Reds, he’ll throw a perfect game tonight. Hopefully not though. I generally like Verlander, he’s obviously a workhorse and seems like he can pitch nine innings every time out. What I don’t like is how in love ESPN is with Verlander. Last time he was on ESPN (he’s not tonight), the idiot commentator literally said, “there goes the perfect game” in the SECOND inning. Give me a break.

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