Dear Mr. Stubbs

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07/26/2012 by anjru0805

For quite some time, I haven’t trusted you. Your batting average and on base percentage haven’t been great this year and you struck out a ton last season. In most at bats (important or not) I’ve had little faith in you to come through. You’ve had some clutch RBI and scored go-ahead runs but, based on statistics, it’s hard to trust you to get on base when you absolutely need to. Last night, you proved me wrong by hitting the go-ahead home run in the ninth. Tonight, with the Reds down a run again in the ninth, it was up to you, again. There were two outs and I thought, he can’t do it again. Joey Votto could do it again and Jay Bruce or Brandon Phillips might be able to. But you proved me wrong, again. Whack! A two-run double to left center to score the tying and go-ahead run. Sorry for doubting you.

You’re clutch, keep it up.



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