Why I used to hate Tim Tebow and why I love him now


11/14/2012 by anjru0805

Why I used to hate Tim Tebow

To be clear, I never really hated Tim Tebow the person, I hated the Tim Tebow story. When Tebow was in Denver, his name was on the tips of everyone’s tongues. He was far from perfect but when he took over for Kyle Orton, the Broncos started winning. In the 4th quarter of seemingly every game, it was Tebowtime: he would do stuff and the Broncos would win, like magic. In every game, Tebow (n.) would Tebow (v.) and everyone in America loved it. The Chargers, my favorite football team, missed the playoffs last season partly because of Tebow. He refused to make a mistake in the 4th quarter of any game and refused to lose. Yes, my reason for hating the idea of Tebow was largely selfish.

Why I love Tim Tebow now
This past offseason, Tebow was traded to the Jets for a couple of late-round draft picks. Rex Ryan has maintained all along that Mark Sanchez would the starter until the end of time. Alas, broadcasters and sports writers have speculated whether Tebow would ever win the starting job. As the Jets sit at 3-6, the question remains. Since the day he was traded, Tebow has remained firm in his view: he’s excited to be with the Jets and wants to help the team win in whatever way he can. This week, several players and coaches made their lack of confidence known— anonymously (oxymoronic, I know)— in Tebow’s ability. One defensive starter even went as far to call Tebow “terrible.” What, may I ask, did Tebow ever do to anyone? If he was running around the locker room, proclaiming that he should start at QB, we’d hear about it. If he proclaimed he could jump pass better than Sanchez and bad-mouthed Ryan, we’d hear about it. If he even went as far as to not chuckle at a knock-knock joke from Nick Folk, we’d hear about it. I think it’s safe to conclude that Tebow has wronged no one in the Jets organization (possibly no one ever).

Last season, the Broncos rallied around Tebow, didn’t complain and won games. Imagine that. Today, instead of rallying around a natural leader and trying to win a fourth game, the Jets are trashing their backup QB. And to the Jets defensive starter: Look around, man, your whole team is “terrible.”

Tebow is keeping his head down and staying positive. He’s a guy who plays with heart, keeps his mouth shut and, above all, wants to win. He deserves to win.

Tebow might not be a great QB but he sure seems like a nice guy. Compared to the other guys on the Jets, he even seems like, yes, a saint.

One thought on “Why I used to hate Tim Tebow and why I love him now

  1. oarubio says:

    I admire your admiration of Tebow! As you allude, the truth is that the proponents of secular relativism are dying to find a way to discredit him. It won’t work. He’s genuine. He does things because they are right, not for show, because he’s not interested in appearances. Best of luck to him and to you. I’ll be following your blog as well.

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