Asking questions that matter


01/29/2013 by anjru0805

One of the most valuable lessons I learned while at Lehigh studying journalism was during my senior year. My professor, John Jirik, told a story about a time he asked Richard Nixon about the Watergate scandal years after it happened. Professor Jirik didn’t tell us outright, but it was clear to me then that we, as journalists, should never consider anything to be inappropriate or irrelevant.

I watched Ray Lewis’ Super Bowl press conference today and was absolutely shocked when the first question wasn’t about deer antler spray. Just minutes before– literally– ESPN reported that Lewis was suspected of taking an NFL-banned substance (deer antler spray) earlier in the season to help with the healing of his torn triceps. Obviously nothing was confirmed at that time, nor is it now, but I couldn’t believe it wasn’t the first question. Eventually, someone got around to asking about the report and Lewis dismissed it, saying that it wasn’t worthy of his time. A few minutes later, a reporter asked another bold question: whether or not anyone called him ‘Raymond.’ Hard-hitting journalism right there. I was unable to watch the entirety of the press conference but the damage was done. First question: Not about the PED report or the 2000 murder trial. Second question: Not about the PED report or the 2000 murder trial. Like any occupation, journalism has its bad moments: misspellings, false information, and fabricated stories but sometimes what’s not done can make journalism look just as bad.

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