The obsession with Dusty Baker


07/24/2013 by anjru0805

Every night, I watch the Reds play and follow the reactions of other fans on Twitter. More often than not, the Reds win, but you wouldn’t know it based on what some fans are tweeting.

Dusty is starting Izturis over Cozart! Dusty took Arroyo out too late! Dusty’s not using Chapman in the 8th with the heart of the order up! Dusty’s picking his nose wrong!

These are the thoughts of people who do not want to enjoy the game. When the Reds win, it’s in spite of Dusty. When the Reds lose, it’s because of him.

The grass is always greener on the other side. I’ve seen an absolute lovefest with the Giants this week.

Look how Bochy uses his closer for a four-out save! Look how Bochy picks his nose!

After all, baseball is all about the manager, right?

I see far fewer comments about players than about Dusty. On the back of Ryan Hanigan’s baseball card, it says that he’s a .265/.361/.350 hitter. He is what he is. But gosh, why can’t he be more like the .315/.382/.509 Buster Posey? Wouldn’t that be nice? Sure, it would, but no one expects him to spin a cocoon and re-emerge as a great hitting catcher. Hanigan has been the same player for 7 years, Posey has been the same player for 5 years, and guess what? Dusty has been the same manager for 20 years.

Stop obsessing over something that won’t change.

3 thoughts on “The obsession with Dusty Baker

  1. john says:

    This is what I think of every time I see complaining. I love Dusty and how he manages the game. Yeah some things could change but that’s not him, and that’s OK. If dusty didn’t know how to manage a game, we wouldn’t be where we’re at. Go Reds!

  2. Eric says:

    Very true. Dusty has been the same manager for 20 years. So why does anyone think he can suddenly have post season success at this point in his career? He manages post season games, pitching in particular, like any old regular season game. Winning regular season records are great, but don’t expect much more than that, because that is who Dusty has been for the last 20 years.

  3. Dave says:

    A lot of people love Dusty and the way he manages, unfortunately for Reds fans most those people are all Giants fans

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