Trading Brandon Phillips

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10/19/2013 by anjru0805

It’s been almost three weeks since the Reds lost to the Pirates in the National League Wild Card game and the rumors have begun.

Manager replacement speculation aside, multiple sources have reported that the Reds are trying to shop 2B Brandon Phillips.

Why would the front office consider this?

We know about Phillips’ run production — 103 RBIs (career high) — but that’s far from the only statistic that matters:

Worst since

2013 NL rank*

Batting average




On-base percentage




Slugging percentage




Wins Above Replacement




* Among nine qualified NL 2B: Barney, Carpenter, Gyorko, Murphy, Phillips, Scutaro, Utley, Uggla, Walker

† Note: In 2004, Phillips only played six games with the Indians. Phillips’ OBP and SLG were still worse in 2003 (112 games) than in 2013.

Phillips may turn his offensive production around in 2014 and beyond, but at age 32, it’s wishful thinking. Paired with $50 million and four years left on that contract, and the Reds front office is right to think about moving him.

What do you think?

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