MLB Moves and the Effect on the Reds

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12/03/2013 by anjru0805

Today was a busy day in the world of Major League Baseball. A.J. Pierzynski signed with the Red Sox, Joe Nathan signed with the Tigers, the Astros traded Brandon Barnes and Jordan Lyles for Dexter Fowler and a PTBNL, the Marlins signed Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and the Yankees signed Jacoby Ellsbury.

… And that’s leaving out the Reds news. In a three-team deal, the Reds received LHP prospect David Holmberg (from the Diamondbacks), the Rays received Ryan Hanigan (Reds) and Heath Bell (Diamondbacks), and the Diamondbacks got rid of all by $500,000 of Bell’s salary and received RHP Justin Choate (Rays) and a PTBNL or cash considerations (Rays).

When the Reds signed Brayan Pena to a two-year deal, it was expected that Hanigan would be traded. While the Reds will miss Hanigan’s defense, it will be nice to see Devin Mesoraco get the lion’s share of starts and plate appearances.

Looking at the other MLB news, the Yankees’ move could have the biggest impact on the Reds’ plans. In signing Ellsbury to a seven-year, $153 million deal, it seems the Yankees have given up on re-signing Robinson Cano. Could they target Brandon Phillips now? They have already at least checked in on him. Tyler Kepner from the New York Times writes that the Yankees could use Phillips and the Reds could use Brett Gardner. Kepner throws reliever David Robertson into the mix, but I think I’d pull the trigger on Gardner-Phillips straight up.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal reported late last night that the Reds are unlikely to move Phillips. So color me confused.

What’s Walt Jocketty’s next move? How do you see the rest of the Reds offseason panning out?

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