Could Colby Rasmus be a fit?

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12/15/2013 by anjru0805

Looking around, I came across Colby Rasmus’ name. The Blue Jays are apparently willing to move Rasmus for starting pitching. Rasmus is coming off a good year, meaning the Jays will be asking for a substantial return.

I think he’d be a nice fit with the Reds. Rasmus’ batting average (.276) and on-base percentage (.338) would both have been third-best in Reds’ lineup last season. Rasmus’ slugging percentage (.501) would have been the best in the lineup. It’s worth noting that Rasmus only played in 118 games last year, didn’t have any stolen bases, and didn’t hit leadoff once.

Last season, Walt was willing to sacrifice some speed and defense in CF/leadoff with Choo, so it’s not unreasonable to think he’d try something similar again. Rasmus will be an upgrade over Choo defensively, but his health might be an area of concern.

Billy Hamilton needs another year to develop in AAA. Even if Rasmus can only start 110 games next season, he could be a fit to bridge the gap.

… Did I mention he’s an ex-Cardinal? I’m kind of surprised Walt hasn’t already made this happen.

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