I’m currently the managing editor for web at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. I was previously an editor at CURE magazine and I studied journalism at Lehigh University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  1. Robin Shively says:

    I think that your piece on Dusty Baker is spot on. Reds fans remember that they are in a small market which means money constraints. I believe Dusty gets the most out of his players. Some of those players are not the one’s that will get you a ring. That is the money talking and that is certainly not a Dusty’s fault.
    I am from central IL and am a Cardinals fan. I live in that Cubs/Cards border area. I watched Dusty stuggle as the Cubs manager where day baseball and an outdated facility are the biggest reasons they are still losing. Dusty took a pounding from the press there that was undeserved.
    I admired Dusty as a player, and I admire him as a manager. I think that it is hard to understand what a baseball manager does to get his team ready to compete on the field. I have read several autobiographies by baseball managers, and have a understanding of the way they go about it. I would recomend that as a tool to learn.
    Great article!

    Robin Shively

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